Frugi - Personal finance manager to track your budget, expenses, income and future reminder

finance Frugi Personal finance manager to track your budget expenses income and future reminder
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آپدیت شده تا :   Dec 18, 2014
نسخه  :   4.2.1
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Iman Ghasempour
پشتیبانی از اپل واچ :
سازگاری :
سازگار با آیفون ، آیپادتاچ،آیپد و نیاز به iOS 6.0 یا بالاتر و بهینه شده برای آیفون 5 و 6 و  6 پلاس
Frugi - Personal finance manager to track your budget, expenses, income
and future reminder
By Iman Ghasempour
حتما تا کنون برای مدیریت میزان درآمد و خرج های خود با مشکلاتی مواجه شده اید. از این پس با این برنامه می توانید به راحتی میزان در آمد و خرج های خود را محاسبه کنید. این برنامه به گونه ای طراحی شده است که شما می توانید بدون هیچ گونه دستورالعمل خاصی گردش پول خود را مدیریت کنید.
ویژگی ها:
- طراحی ساده دسته بندی ماهانه میزان درآمد و مخارج پشتیبانی از تقویم های هجری، شمسی، میلادی، ژاپنی و هندی
- استفاده از تگ های هوشمند پشتیبانی از تمامی واحدهای پولی
- نشان دادن آیتم ها با رنگ های متفاوت برای روزهای مختلف قابلیت اضافه کردن و ویرایش آیتم به تقویم
- استفاده از چند حساب مختلف
- خروجی پی دی اف خروجی اکسل
- پشتیبانی از AirPrint

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"This app will help you take control and manage your finances. It’s an important aspect of most people’s lives, and with Frugi sitting on your home screen, you’ll be able to keep on top of everything and check your numbers at a glance." - Redmond Pie (

"Find out where all of your money is going with this finance app." - AppAdvice (

"A personal finance app that makes it easy to keep track of various accounts." - Apple'N'Apps (

"To manage your income and expenses, you need a notebook or a finance manager. If you think so too, the Frugi personal finance manager app should suit for you." -

Customer reviews:

"I've searched for simple finance apps for years and this one is just plain outstanding you can create categories and accounts on the flu, add entries quickly and get all the necessary stats on the main screen. As a taxi driver this little app is a lifesaver and hope it does not die only thing that would make it better would be adding memo notes and maybe account transfers" - Rottenweiler

"Awesome app! It's simple to use and you can customize it in as many categories as you'd like. And the part I like most is that it's completely local." - Nuke085

"This app has helped me so much! Clean and fresh way to record your money usage. It is just what I needed." - Brooki27

Frugi description:

Surely you have experienced problems of the amount of money spent or earned for what and when.

Using this application, you will be able to simply manage all your payments and incomes.
This app has been designed in an intuitive way that without any instructions you can manage your budget.
Within three seconds you will be able to insert a transaction, and all calculations are done automatically.
Interestingly, you need considerably more time while jotting it down on paper even if you don’t make any calculations.

Key features:
- Fully localized
- Simple design for easy use
- Classifying monthly expenses and incomes
- Smart calendar for displaying all items of a day
- Supporting multiple calendars:
Gregorian, Buddhist, Indian, Japanese, Islamic, Persian
- Using smart tags
- Recognizing and extraction of tags based on input data
- Using tags for advanced search
- Presenting statistics in "Tag Cloud" format to see the monthly budget in one glance
- Supporting all monetary units
- Future lists
- Setting alarms to remind future lists
- Displaying one day items with different colors for different days
- Adding/editing items on the calendar
- Showing item differences between two months (current and previous)
- Using multiple accounts
- Balancing transfers from one account to another
- PDF output
- Excel output
- Air print
- Choosing your favorite theme
- Defining the last day of financial month

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