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قیمت  :  4.99 دلار آمریکا
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آپدیت شده تا : Mar 22, 2014   
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حجم  : 6.7 مگابایت

زبان  :  English  
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 Ali Shooshtarian
سازگاری :
سازگار با آیفون،آیپادتاچ،آیپد و نیاز به iOS 4.3 یا بالاتر و بهینه شده برای آیفون 5
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Persian Calendar Pro

By Ali Shooshtarian

شرح :

محبوب ترین و قدرتمند ترین برنامه ی تقویم شمسی و میلادی در اپل استور.

تنها برنامه ی تقویم فارسی که با برنامه های مرتبط با تقویم همانند ical و outlook تعامل و سازگاری کامل دارد.

بهینه سازی شده برای تمامی صفحه های نمایش رتینا(صفحه های نمایش با رزولیشن بالا که رتینا نام گذاری شده است و برای محصولات اپل استفاده میشود)

طراحی برنامه با نگاه و دید مدرن انجام شده است.

سازگاری کامل با آیفون 5 و آیفون 5s و 6

برای دیدن توضیحات بیشتر لطفا به ادامه مطلب مراجعه نمایید. برای دیدن عکسهای برنامه بر روی آیکون عکس برنامه با روی دکمه ی viewinitunes en  کلیک نمایید.

برای اضافه کردن این برنامه به لیست علاقه مندی ها بر روی دکمه ی  add to list  کلیک نمایید.



◎ The Most Popular & Powerful Persian Calendar in the AppStore!
◎ The Only Persian Calendar That Fully Interact with Calendar app, iCal and Outlook!*
◎ Optimized for all Retina Displays
◎ New Look

◎ !پرطرفتارترین و قویعترین تقدیم فارسی
◎ *!Outlook و iCal دارد و همچنین سازگاری کامل با Calendar تنها تقویم فارسی که سازگاری کامل با برنامه
◎ iPhone 5 (5s & 5c) سازگاری کامل با 
◎ ظاهری جدید

Persian Calendar app. is the 1st Persian Calendar for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and the most practical Persian Calendar you can find for iPhone/iPod Touch even for iPad.

Top Features
◎ Monthly View*
◎ Add / Modify/ Delete an Event with full interaction with Calendar application (able to SYNC with iCal)*
◎ Date Conversion for Persian to Gregorian and reverse
◉ Show today's date in the icon as a badge (New Feature)*
◉ Show today's date, bank holiday & special day on the Notification Center (New Feature)*

Persian Calendar Pro able to access all events of any selected month that you have in your Calendar application on the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Persian Calendar Pro is the ONLY Persian Calendar able to fully interact with your iDevice Calendar default application including adding new events to your calendar.*

Apple provides the tools to enable the development of the most powerful Persian Calendar for the iPhone or iPod and NOW for iPad! Even in the computer world, you can’t find a Persian Calendar as powerful!

The most important function with any calendar is to display the CORRECT date. Many Iranian and Afghani bank holidays and special dates are based on the Hijri (Islamic) calendar. Persian Calendar Pro is the only Persian Calendar application that accurately converts all holiday dates from the Hijri calendar.

Unfortunately, many of other produces are look like working prefect but they give you wrong dates that never happened with our application.

All Features

◎ Fully compatible with any iOS devices (exclude original iPhone 2G & 3G)
◎ Optimized for all Retina Displays
◎ Monthly view for each month, which includes all official bank holidays and special dates in Iran with red color*
◎ Add / Modify/ Delete an Event with full interaction with Calendar application*
◎ Date Conversion for Persian to Gregorian and reverse
◎ Date in Persian (Persian / Parsi), Gregorian (Miladi), Islamic (Arabic) calendar*

◎ Ability to choose your landing page (monthly view*, converter or today's date)
◎ Parsi language support with names of months as an option (for example: Haml,Sor, Joza,…)
◎ English language option
◎ Changeable background of month* representing the seasons
◎ Dates with events are highlighted*
◎ Quick select of any month*
◎ Special dates can be disabled if desired*
◎ Copy a selected date to the clipboard
◎ Simply shake to return to today’s date
◎ Multi-task support
◎ No bugs with Leap years
◎ Advanced interface
◎ Animation Interface
◎ Set picture for the First Page (Source can be Library and Camera)
◎ Easier to access to Settings

◉ Show today's date in the icon as a badge*
◉ Show today's date, bank holiday & special day on the Notification Center*

* These features are only available on the Pro. You can upgrade Pro with In-App Purchase into the app.

Persian Calendar has many more features that you can explore yourself, and we hope you find this app useful and enjoyable to use.

Important Note:
If you already purchased "Persian Calendar Pro" no need to use this app. Because all features able in "Persian Calendar Pro" is exactly same as "Persian Calendar" upgrade with In-App Purchase.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us by email at:
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