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قیمت  :      2.99  دلار
طبقه بندی :    Sports
آپدیت شده تا :   Apr 03, 2012
نسخه  :   3.5.5
حجم  :   25.0  مگابایت
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thomas fessler
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سازگار با آیفون ، آیپادتاچ،آیپد و نیاز به iOS 4.0 یا بالاتر و بهینه شده برای آیفون 5 و 6 و  6 پلاس
TouchSports Tennis 2012 HD
By thomas fessler

*** تازه های مسابقات تنیس فصلی حرفه ای سال 2012 ***
آیا شما به بازی تنیس علاقه دارید؟ برای شما یک برنامه ی کامل با کیفیت HD داریم. این بهترین برنامه بازی های حرفه ای تنیس تنها برای سیستم عامل IOS است، و با پشتیبانی از دستگاه iPad 3 از آن نهایت لذت را ببرید. ما الان که سومین سال فعالیتمان می شود، به موجب فراهم کردن ویژگی های جدید، بازی های تصحیح شده و فعالیتهای تنیس، حوزه ی فعالیتهای خود را گسترش دادیم. برای هر سه بازیکنان اعم از مبتدیان، بازیکنان تفریحی و علاقه مندان بازی تنیس حرفه ای به طور یکسان برنامه ی TouchSports Tennis 2012 تجربه ای زیبا بازی تنیس در محیطی واقعی شبیح سازی شده روی سیستم عامل IOS ارایه می دهد.

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** New for the 2012 Pro Tennis Season ** Do like tennis? We have a HD App for that! Enjoy the best Pro Tennis Game ONLY for iOS with direct support of iPad3. Now in our 3rd year, we've upped the action bringing a host of new features, refined game play and tennis action. For beginners, casual players and Pro Tennis Game Enthusiasts alike, TouchSports Tennis 2012 delivers the definitive iOS Tennis Game Experience.

Tired of Tennis games with difficult controls that just don't work? Tennis 2012's Natural Motion controls allow players to effortlessly move on the court and play like a pro. Dragging one finger on the screen moves the tennis player. Swiping with 2 fingers swings the racket with ultimate precision and controls. Its that easy! Place a drop shot just over the net, out of your opponents reach, lob the ball over your opponent to back court, or smash a top spin cross court. A control system designed for pro players and beginners alike!

• Major update *FREE* for Tennis 2011 owners
• NEW Aim, Swing & Hit controls: Auto-Hit and Swipe
• Men's and Women's Division Tennis
• 3 Advanced player AI and difficulty leveling
• Pro swing controls: swipe to control power, and shot type including Top-Spin, Slice, Regular, Drop Shot and Lob.

• 4 Stadiums to choose from: AU, FR, UK & USA
• 4 Unique court surfaces: clay and grass & 2 artificial.
• Sky scene changes throughout the day.
• Action-packed character animation
• Smooth / 3D Arcade action

• Pick it up and play controls.
• Touch and Swipe Game Play.
• Arcade Simulation style game play

• 3D dynamic camera system
• Quality Music and sound effects
• Console quality experience.

With TouchSports™ Tennis HD, you’ll serve, smash, and perform the most incredible moves with touch game play and tilt action. Four tuned levels of difficulty ensures players of all types will enjoy TouchSports™ Tennis HD from the first serve.

Put down your racket and grab your iPad, TouchSports™ Tennis HD is here!

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Here's what reviewers had to say about the iPhone/iPod touch version of TouchSports Tennis:

"TouchSports™ Tennis really is a “console quality” sports title. It looks and feels much more like something you’d expect to see on a dedicated console than most of the sports titles in the App Store" - touchArcade

"Featuring a fully three-dimensional environment, particle effects for the ball and full touch 'n' tilt controls, this looks like a pretty significant leap forward in terms of iPhone sports gaming." -

"TouchSports™ Tennis has incredible 3D graphics, and makes full use of the touch and tilt controls in the iPhone and iPod touch platforms." - TUAW

"The game really shows off how powerful the iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s processing and 3D acceleration are" - Tom's Guide.
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************** Support *****************
If you have ideas or need assistance - Please visit the support link below, HELP US HELP YOU! We cannot address user concerns or problems unless you make contact.

TouchSports™, TouchSports Tennis, is licensed to Handheld Games Corp. from Thomas L. Fessler. All Rights Reserved.


What's New in Version 3.5.5

- Updated to support native iPad 3 Retina screen resolution
- Added HiDPI Graphics support for 2D Graphic Elements
- Added 3D direct rendering support for 1536x2048.
- Speed and memory optimizations for iPad generation 1
- Improved player hit accuracy
- Enhanced AI and casual mode lateral shot determination
- 3D positional Sound
- Enhanced net graphics
- Revised UK stadium surface and stadium textures,
- Adjusted bounds lines on all courts.
- Polished helps screen button functionality
- Improved dynamic sky images
- Updated main menu 3D background

More graphic updates coming soon!

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